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Traditional Onsite Sales

Your home is open to the public for a traditional sale spanning 1-3 days depending on the amount of items available for sale. 


Our Team handles all aspects of the sale from start to finish including, but not limited to the following: 

  • Professional Consultation

    • Confidential Consultation to discuss all aspects of a potential sale

    • Evaluation of the property to make sure there are enough items to warrant a sale-We ask that all items to be considered for sale are on location at the consultation.

    • If there are not enough items to hold a successful sale, We will be upfront and honest about it and will provide alternative solutions.  

  • Staging and Display 

    • Organization and Display with professional tables, showcases and rolling racks (as needed)

    • Each sale area is photographed to be used in marketing efforts

  • Property research and appraisal

    • Research to determine Fair Market Value

    • Our team of professionals are well versed in multiple areas of valuation, if needed we will bring in an expert at NO COST TO YOU!

  • Marketing and Advertising 

    • Google Certified Marketing including digital advertising, Estate Sale Directories, Internet Marketplace, Social Media Marketing, Email Blasts to over 25,000 potential customers, dealer contact list

    • Newspaper Advertisements &  Street signage

  • Staffing and Sale Execution

    • Crowd Control to safeguard the home

    • Close off Restricted Areas

    • Properly mark hazardous areas (ie. stairwells)


    • Sale Monies paid to the client upon completion of the sale

  • Cleanout and Removal Options Available  

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