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Thinking About an Estate Sale?

Liquidation sales are held for a variety of reasons. This time can be very overwhelming as one is faced with the daunting task of cleaning out an entire home. The ideal situation would be to absorb the contents into your own possession, but we all know that this is just not always possible or a desired solution.

At this point, it is best to call in a professional liquidation company to assist. But, Where do you start? How do you know who is the best? What companies can you trust? There are so many questions- Check out our helpful checklist to assist with selecting the right company for you!

Research companies serving your area:

Performing your due diligence is very important! The Estate Sale Industry is unregulated as there is no governing body that oversees all Estate Liquidators. It is important to check out each company's website and web presence, online reviews, overall reputation and professional credentials.

Check out a Sale:

The best way to observe a potential company is to see how they operate during a sale. For example does each company offer a pleasant shopping experience during the sale? Do they help customers and facilitate sales?

Schedule an In-person Interview

This is a great way to meet the company that will be trusted with your home and possessions, There are no silly questions! You should make sure to ask anything to help you better understand the process.

Ask for Referrals

Most reputable companies can provide referrals and references. If a company is unable or unwilling to provide references that is a major red flag

Get a Contract

Do not hire a company without a contract, The Contract should outline all fees associated with sale as well as sale dates.

In the end it is important to select the company that will make you feel the most comfortable through this process. Feel free to reach out via phone at 609-602-6974 or contact us HERE for more details on how we can help!

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