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What is an Estate Sale?

An Estate Sale, aka a Tag Sale is an environmentally friendly way of liquidating the belongings of a family or estate. This process is a great option for those who have a large majority of residential contents. These sales are much larger than a traditional yard or garage sale. Clients in transitional times due to downsizing, moving, divorce, bankruptcy or death typically choose this route as a means of selling their items.

Professional Liquidators are contracted to organize, price, advertise and sell the items on behalf of the client. In some cases the homeowner does have a hand in pricing and is able to put “reserves” on items they would like to keep if not sold for a certain dollar amount.

Each company has a different system for maintaining crowd control and allowing the public into the sale. Pink Lady Liquidation uses a Number System for lining up and entering the sale. Throughout the sale, all restricted areas are closed off to the public to safeguard the home. The public is welcomed into the home and able to shop on a “cash & carry” basis. For this reason, all transactions and deals are handled onsite during the sale.

If you are interested in learning more about our Estate Sale Services, please feel free to contact us here or calling us directly at 609-602-6974.


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